Bishop Gregory Godsey

My story starts back around the first of August in 2020. Cyber Terrorist decided that they did not like my daughter and I because we are LGBTQI+. They also did not like that we support people of color. And they became inflamed because our church also supports LGBTQI+ individuals and people of color.

I started a ministry on Tiktok to reach out to those hurt by religion and who were seeking an affirming and support faith community. Almost immediately the cyber terrorist began attacking. They contacted a local hospital I worked for and attempted to get me fired. Their contention was that since I have been known to cuss and was abused by my cousin as a child that I was unfit to work as a chaplain.

When that failed to work, they started an email campaign to harass me. Email is easy enough to trace and to stop, so when that failed, they started calling me at all hours of the day and night on my personal cell phone. I answered a few of these calls before starting to screen them all. They would use prank call websites to aid in this harassment. Sometimes they would call themselves. Those calls we have recordings of.

When that failed, they resorted to text messages to me and my wife. All of those have been saved. They have threatened to kill me, shoot up my church, hack my websites, destroy my house, car, family and friends.

They have made it very clear that the only way the harassment and terrorism will stop is if I kill myself or end my ministry and admit to crimes I have never committed.

All of this is documented here on this website.

Local law enforcement has done little to stop this. They do not see it as a crime because my daughter and I are LGBTQI+. The FBI has taken an interest in the case and we will see what comes of that. These cyber terrorist are convinced that they can make these threats and harass us nonstop without any consequences.

My hope with this website and community of supporters is to show that they cannot win. That there are people who care and are committed to stopping them. I hope you will join our efforts to stop these terrorist so that no one else has to go thru what I have gone thru.